Julia Lemigova was born in Moscow, Russia and lived there until the age of 18, when she was elected Miss USSR (Former Soviet Union). This recognition allowed her to participate the following year in the prized Miss Universe contest, where she was runner-up. At this time, she started an international modeling career that afforded her the opportunity to discover different cultures and civilizations. Among the many countries Julia visited, Thailand impressed her most as it opened the doors to beauty and the cult of well-being. Avid for new ideas, she toured the country’s spas in search of a “better way of living”. Julia became interested in all forms of beauty, and there, found her real vocation.

Russian women's beauty secrets and rituals greatly contributed to Julia’s education and family life. It was therefore natural for her to embrace the world of beauty – a world where each county has its own traditions and specificities. As an adult, she decided to settle down in Paris, and in 2003 opened her first well-being center. The choice was fortuitous since Paris is regarded as the capital of style, elegance and good taste.

Julia opened her first well-being center in the heart of Paris, nestled on rue de la Renaissance in the 8th arrondissement. The center was a blend of Asian and Russian treatments, an explosive cocktail that was never before seen in the French Capital. Julia created a unique and confidential location that quickly became the “it” place for Parisian socialites.

A few years later, Julia decided to go a step further in her approach and satisfy a recurring demand from her clientele – a skincare line inspired by her Russian background and her vision of beauty.

After long research and collaboration with dermatologists and doctors, Julia Lemigova launched in 2009 an exclusive skincare and spa line, Russie Blanche. All the formulas were developed with a renowned pharmacist in Russie Blanche’s Parisian laboratory, where Julia Lemigova intensely studied the result and benefits of her products.

A protector and enhancer of natural beauty, Russie Blanche is the first brand to focus on Russian traditions that are exclusive in the cosmetics and spa market. The concept is based on original ingredients of Russian origin, such as adaptogenic plants (Siberian Ginseng and Golden Root), and French know-how.

The brand is innovative, refined and luxurious. The complexity, original textures, exclusive fragrances, and technology of the ingredients make Russie Blanche products a perfect combination of expertise, French elegance, and ancestral Russian traditions. In 2012, Russie Blanche won the Niche Brand Award of Beauty Challenger in Paris, and is recognized by all the major selective retail players as a refined and luxurious brand.

Alongside the French market, Julia Lemigova is launching Russie Blanche internationally and developing it in the United States. She constantly continues to work on research and product development … In 2013, she presented an advance, cutting-edge line, tackling the anti-aging market. These new products called “Cellular Youth” provide a new dimension to Russie Blanche.